Building a unified enterprise application experience at Mitel.

Project Summary:

During my year at Mitel I led design for their “OneApp” messenger, File Manager, and digital function key/switchboard. I defined user flows and journeys, worked with cross-functional product and engineering teams, helped facillitate user-testing activities, and maintained/contributed to a design system.

Design at Mitel

Mitel is a global market leader in business communications, powering more than two billion business connections with their cloud, enterprise and next-gen collaboration applications. I joined their UX team in January to help them build Mitel One, their newest next-gen all-in-one collaboration application. Mitel One provides seamless transitions between voice (web and deskphone), videoconferencing, and messaging capabilities for a complete collaboration experience. It was a major design effort that would span across all major platforms: WebApp, desktop macOS and Windows app (using Electron), and native iOS/Android app.

I must say that working at Mitel was an absolute blast! I enjoyed working with our UX design team of 10, collaborating with engineering, product management, and even legal to help bring this all-in-one platform to fruition.

Since my time at Mitel involved solving multiple challenges, you can view the individual case studies below:

The Dashboard

Bringing powerful app functions into a capable widget-based full-service dashboard.

Digital Function Keys

Designing an interface to allow users to store frequently used web and phone operations as Quick Functions.

E911 Digital Location Flows

Designing “Dispatchable location” configuration flows to facilitate a more effective emergency response.